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Why deploy software in the Cloud? | The benefits over on-premise deployment

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As technology and software continue to change, so too does the way in which it can be deployed into businesses. Microsoft have designed their Dynamics ERP and CRM software solutions so they can be deployed either On-Premise or in the Cloud.

With these advancements, using the Cloud has become even more popular and businesses are understanding the benefits of choosing this method over traditional On-Premise deployment.

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud adjust

For those who are not entirely sure, cloud computing is simply computing on the internet. This saves employees from having to regularly install programs, as with the Cloud they able to run applications directly on a web browser. The software also has the added benefit of easy storage of data online, as opposed to having folders with important information on your computer. In having your data online, users are easily able to access information regardless of where they are.

What are the benefits to the cloud?

Software in the Cloud brings numerous benefits to businesses of different sizes and industries.

The deployment method itself is known for being powerful, efficient and most of all flexible, this means it can easily meet the demands for more bandwidth instantly. This ensures it can keep up with the changes within your company, which is only added by the fact it is quicker than waiting for software to get installed.

With the continuous advancement of technology, businesses are in need of software which is able to work alongside the changing world. Considering these factors, the Cloud is easily able to be used across mobile and handheld devices, which are becoming more prominently used in businesses. These provide the environment for employees regardless of where they are, to sync up, work on documents and shared apps, whilst accessing records and information in real time, as long as they have the access to the internet. This means that your business can benefit from an increase in collaboration, as employees can quickly share data and information, allowing them to work together easily using the software.

Rather than being limited to one person being able to work on a file at a time, the Cloud enables several users to use a document at any time, as all files are in one location so there is one central copy. The benefit of Cloud computing is that with everything stored online, businesses have the security that information and data can still be access regardless if anything were to happen to a computer. For all types of businesses of all sizes, this is an added benefit knowing their files and data are protected more so than having data held locally.

Using the Cloud, businesses have the advantage of the virtual infrastructure and automatic updates, which means that instead of time being spent on installing these updates, employees can focus more time on customers and resources for other tasks. This means the business are able to increase their productivity with employees devoting more time to their job role, so they can truly benefit from their solution.

Thinking about your environmental footprint?

With the threat to the environment consistently present in the news, there is a stress on caring for the environment in our business and personal lives. Choosing to have software implemented using the Cloud means that companies only use the server space which is actually needed. This means that companies can reduce their carbon footprint; in fact cloud computing has been known to use 30% less energy consumption and make lower carbon emissions than on-premise deployment.

What should businesses bear in mind?

So that your company can gain the most from the software, it is best to know that on the Cloud your software can successfully be integrated with existing solutions, such as phone systems and handsets, as well as e-mail and business software. This ensures you do not need to worry that the new software will interfere with current systems, allowing the company to quickly integrate the new software into the business process and gain a rapid return on investment.

When choosing your software provider, one of the essential considerations is that they offer the security of a customer support desk. This guarantees your company and its users have the available assistance to take training and fix any issues in the shortest possible time.

How can Prodware help?

At Prodware our goal has always been to keep up with technological changes and ensure our customers benefit from the latest trends in the software industry. With this in mind our IT experts have designed the ideal Cloud deployment options for businesses, known as Cloud adjust.

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