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Turn your ERP data into an asset with Business Intelligence for Dynamics AX | TARGIT BI Suite

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Turn your ERP data into an asset with Business Intelligence for Dynamics AX | TARGIT BI Suite

So many businesses have become reliant on the data and information within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Having easy access to this data is crucial and having the right tools to do this can be a real benefit to the business. The solution to this can be having Business Intelligence software such as TARGIT BI Suite, which provides a high level of reporting from database systems within the business.

What does TARGIT BI Suite for Dynamics AX do?

Offering a user-friendly reporting interface, TARGIT BI Accelerator, the BI Suite for Dynamics AX, provides businesses a rapidly deployable Business Intelligence solution which delivers instant Return on Investment (ROI).

The solution allows users to easily and quickly create meaningful dashboards which analyse the company’s data. The dashboards can be used to monitor trends and optimise KPIs, providing real-time feedback on company performance. The flexible analytics and reporting solution enables your data to be centralised, providing your users with a complete view of the business, so they can react quickly and effectively to obtain answers to challenges, problems and opportunities within the business.

With TARGIT BI Accelerator, your users can easily add metrics and dimensions to the standard cubes without requiring knowledge about the ins and outs of Business Intelligence, which means they can create their own reports without custom development. This particular aspect of the solution means that your company and its users have the crucial data they need to make the vital decisions which can impact the business.

How does this work with Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Your company can benefit from a standardised and mature Business Intelligence and Analytics solution which combines the powerful Microsoft Dynamics backend with the user-friendly TARGIT Decision Suite front-end. The solution is tailored specifically for your Microsoft Dynamics AX data. With this in mind, the BI Suite creates an end-to-end solution that bridges the gap between the valuable operational data in your Microsoft Dynamics AX database. This data can then be turned into KPIs and dimensions for users in dashboards, analyses and reports.

One of the main advantages of TARGIT BI Accelerator is that it works with a variety of versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX, versions 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 2009, 2012 and 2012 R2, which means that even older installs of AX can benefit from cutting-edge Business Intelligence technology.

How can Prodware help with your Business Intelligence needs?

With a proven track record of implementing and supporting Business Intelligence solutions, Prodware has the expertise to advise and help you on best practice for combining Microsoft Dynamics AX and BI.

Contact us for a chat about your requirements on 0161 705 6000.

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