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Prodware: a head start in the race to the future

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Prodware’s long lasting track record in technological endeavors and innovation continues with its latest event promoting and supporting business-applied disruptive technology solutions.

What better place to host an event on technology than in the country dubbed the “start-up nation?” So off to Israel it was…On January 31st, 2019, for the second edition of the 365x scaler program. The event was held at the Tel Aviv stock exchange gathering the second batch of startups, a total of 13, presenting their disruptive and innovative solutions to an eclectic audience well-versed in business management and new technologies.

In partnership with Microsoft Israel, TechData and Prodware, the 365x Scaler program welcomed close to 300 guests including investors, distributors, companies in various industries as well as Israeli government officials, Mr. Ofir Akunis, Minister of Science & Technology and Yoav Kish, Member of the Knesset, who each chimed in with their personal take on fostering innovation and startups. This event, highlighting and promoting disruptive technology entrepreneurship, was intended to create synergies between the event participants, high-end start-ups, investors, venture capitalists and leading CXO executives from Israel’s high-tech industry.

Also, in a surprise announcement, Israel’s leading international tech blog, Geektime, was officially welcomed as a sponsor of the 365x Scaler program alongside Prodware, Microsoft and Tech Data. Geektime, in addition to being the fourth sponsor of the 365x scaler program, is the largest tech blog located outside the U.S. focusing on global innovation and highlighting startups from across the world.

Other speakers who took to the stage were Idit Gazit-Berger, Director ISV, MEA at Microsoft Israel, Pascal Murciano, Managing Director of Tech Data France and Yossi Haïmov, CEO of Prodware Israel.

The 365x scaler program is a catalyst unleashing the solutions of the future in line with Prodware’s vision of creating modern companies and reinventing the way they do business. Prodware’s ongoing quest for continuous performance improvement plays into its strategy of empowering its customers to deliver high performance and value.

The 365x scaler program is about innovation and adopting a change-ready mindset embracing the fast-paced digital revolution underway.

A quick glimpse of the thirteen start-ups present reveals some of the ingenious solutions that were showcased: 

  • Eloops – solution offering a unique set of engagement automation tools and gamified content that connects and aligns employees with the company culture.   
  • Makerre – a digital platform for interactive and visual instructions. The platform enables brands to enhance their user experience, increase customer loyalty, improve online reviews and ultimately boost sales.
  • YottaGreen – a Smart Home solution that provides services to the end user based on learning and understanding the behavior of the connected switches and outlets and the people using them.
  • Chipest – a multi language platform for e-commerce, offering a one-stop-shop solution including a full localization suite and unique AI-based tools.
  • Sabres Cyber Security – solution offering SMBs enterprise level security for web applications, easy and simple integration without needing to turn to expensive IT specialists and security experts.
  • Academix – machine learning driven platform that utilizes unique performance metrics to enable accurate matching of companies seeking advanced and cutting-edge research capabilities.
  • Whichit – interactive commercial content platform that enables brands, marketers and advertisers to dramatically increase user engagement, return on marketing investment, open new revenue streams and gain user-related insight.
  • DeviceTone – a ready to “run, connect, manage and enable” solution making secure connectivity, managed services and application enablement simple. DeviceTone’s predictive maintenance, device management and analytics infrastructure enable product companies to add revenue services and build ongoing relationships with their customers.
  • Tourbo – a platform & application that offers travel solutions for companies and hotel chains that host business travelers from around the world.
  • LearningZone – a next generation training platform with up-to-date content and training recommendations.
  • LeadSpotting – an open source intelligence company that provides services for both government and business customers looking for valuable information from open sources with a focus on social networks.
  • LeaderMES – an “off-the-shelf” plug & play secure cloud solution for small and medium manufacturers with immediate proven ROI.
  • MultiSense – a versatile platform that can be custom fit for any organization verifying users and their interactions – unique technology merging multi-biometric factors such as face & voice recognition, fingerprint signatures combined with GPS and NFC technologies.   

The 365x scaler program nurtures the development of top notch software and IoT startups that have developed innovative business-ready solutions and that are already serving a few customers. The 365x scaler program is a scale-up program designed to help these startups grow with a structured mentoring program and an ambitious business development strategy roadmap with access to the distribution and sales channels of the program’s sponsors. Conversely, these solutions could then be incorporated into the solution portfolios and go-to-market strategies of Prodware, Tech Data, Microsoft and Geektime – a win-win approach to successful business development and networking.      

Being a sponsor of the 365x scaler program is a real boon to one’s business. Unlike the global corporations, mid-size companies, which are typical sponsor profiles, have usually very limited access to innovation and disruptive technologies. This is why the 365x scaler program is a golden opportunity for those mid-size companies to reap the benefits of advanced technologies in a risk-free and ROI-friendly business development strategy mode.

With programs like the 365x scaler, access to these disruptive technologies can now become a reality for those mid-size companies. By joining forces with Prodware and sponsoring the 365x scaler program many companies can now secure their digital evolution. The 365x scaler program makes available the latest in state-of-the-art solutions to companies that otherwise would be left out in the cold.           

For more information on Prodware and the 365x scaler program please send us an email or call us on 0161 705 6000

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