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What is Dynamics CRM Gamification?

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What is Dynamics CRM Gamification?

The concept of Dynamics CRM gamification is to drive sales and service performance and to encourage user adoption of CRM itself as a business tool.  There are other benefits too such as improved data quality, an upturn in motivation and enriching user experience.  Teams also tend to personally own their KPIs and targets.

We last heard from the Microsoft owned Fantasy Sales Team with regards to CRM Gamification within Dynamics CRM at Microsoft Convergence EMEA in late 2015, with the promise to be included in CRM online in due course – at no extra cost.

What common challenges is Dynamics CRM Gamification looking to overcome?

Two main areas are user adoption failure and failed sales contests or lack of motivation.

  1. Whatever stage of Dynamics CRM implementation an organisation is at, user adoption and best practice is of the utmost importance.

What lies behind user adoption failure? 

In a Forrester CRM success survey, common areas such as people, process, strategy and technology are discussed – “More than two-fifths (42%) agreed that their problems were “people” issues…”

  • Often key users have not been involved with the planning and initial implementation stages, so their needs have not been taken into account and they are not engaged personally with the new solution
  • Training and back up documentation is often available within the initial stages but thereafter is lacking over the course of a business’ CRM investment, particularly with new releases of functionality
  • High staff turnover further impacts a lack of ongoing training; so best practice at the start of the implementation is diluted over time and behaviours are not sustained
  • Communication of these new releases internally may be minimal, so if users experience a change in layout, a new screen, button or dashboard; it becomes another example of an unknown and leads to disengagement which can grow over time.

Incorrect user adoption – whereby users are inputting bad data into fields, not following company best practice is another example of user adoption failure; i.e. your staff ARE using CRM, but they are following their own path, rendering collective data difficult to interpret and hard to output.

When CRM user adoption fails, it devalues and limits the return of your investment.

2) By aligning use of Dynamics CRM with your incentive scheme within competitive functions such as sales and service, it provides data to KPIs and puts CRM at the heart of an individual’s or team’s targets.

Sales management are no stranger to sales competition schemes in order to increase calls, uncover more opportunities and improve win ratios.  However, they can be an administrative nightmare to run – as results change – they are often run on whiteboards and spreadsheets and tend to focus on results alone.  This in turn can lead to demotivation as the star performers always win based on KPIs that have always existed, exacerbating a sales manager’s issues with the entire team.  These traditional competitions cannot easily reward behaviours and activities (which can lead to improved results).

How can Dynamics CRM gamification help?

Fantasy Sales Team for Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets sales managers design and manage sales quotas that are meaningful to their organisation, place weights on these metrics, and create multiple targets in parallel.

By creating multiple ways to win – on these different outcomes, management can design a competition that covers both results and behaviours throughout the entire team.

Sales representatives are “players” and can easily see personal and team progress on leaderboards as they “score points”.  Reps compete on an individual and team basis in order to push each other on and increase collaborative efforts.

For sales management, contests become easier to run; as Fantasy Sales Team is integrated with Dynamics CRM and through your reps’ use of Dynamics CRM in the correct way it feeds into the sales scoring automation (eg number of calls made, tasks closed within a given timeframe, opportunities won).

For more information on Dynamics CRM gamification, view the product overview video and speak to Prodware how to both increase user adoption and run sales and service contests effectively and easily through Dynamics CRM.

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