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Customer engagement made easy for marketing in Dynamics CRM 2016

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Customer engagement made easy for marketing in Dynamics CRM 2016

In the last of our series focussing on key users of the Spring wave of Microsoft Dynamics CRM; we move from customer service and sales and turn our focus on the marketing team in the last jigsaw piece of customer engagement.

Microsoft have been further developing functionality in Social Engagement and Dynamics Marketing CRM (marketing automation) and with this comes deeper integration – so for the marketer – easier campaign management, a holistic view of their customer journey and activities and a more rounded contact strategy in action.  For the modern marketing professional who wishes to remain relevant in their skillsets, there is no reason not to employ the full marketing mix and embrace the changing world of digital marketing.

The marketing mix is constantly evolving

This is a challenge for any marketer, to ensure that they reach the right people at the right time, in the right way with the right message.  With the proliferation of media now available via accessible technology, customers are active in several places at any one time and their voice has a wide and instant impact.

In the latest wave of improvements, SMS has been added as a marketing channel for a fully integrated multi-channel approach and further social media sources such as boards and forums are included in sentiment analysis.  14 additional languages are also included in social listening so that a global perspective on customer engagement can be achieved.

Collaboration at the heart of effective marketing and customer engagement

Often regarded as an internal agency, marketing touches every part of the business and needs to engage with various teams in order to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Collaboration is made easier and streamlined with latest developments; enhanced and personalised processes and workflows that focus on groups and roles make it easier to engage across teams in a similar way to Office 365.

Facilitating analysis and distribution of marketing activities

Marketing teams are often juggling many campaigns and underlying actions, and analysis can take a large proportion of time, pulling together elements from various applications and channels.  If the organisation is working from within one customer relationship management system (CRM), all multi-channel campaigns are planned, executed and analysed from one place, cutting down on the admin.  With the latest excel integration improvements in Dynamics CRM 2016 – users can easily extract and analyse their data in Microsoft Excel templates, simplifying further.  Pivot charts and what-if scenarios are made available so that lead scoring, campaign analysis and forecasting can be carried out (even remotely via mobile app); plus changes can be uploaded back into CRM.

For further information on how Microsoft Dynamics 2016 can assist marketing professionals plan, execute, analyse and collaborate in today’s multi-media world; please visit our CRM website and download our helpful marketing whitepapers.

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