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Extending Zetadocs capture capabilities | Document Dynamics Blog from Equisys

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Extending Zetadocs capture capabilities | Document Dynamics Blog from Equisys

We’re pleased to share this Zetadocs Capture blog published by our document management partner Equisys, authored by Greg Cole.

Greg has blogged before about how indexing documents consistently when you capture them in SharePoint makes searching easier. Especially useful for customer service or project teams that need access to financial documents normally held within the ERP system. Zetadocs can also archive and store those documents in a folder structure to aid browsing or help optimise SharePoint for the best list view performance. Equisys‘ configurable Capture Essentials editions take your storage file planning beyond what’s possible with Zetadocs Express by simply selecting the pre-configured sub-folders on the Zetadocs General Settings Page. But what if your storage needs are more detailed than what is provided for you straight out of the box and you require your documents to be stored following custom business rules? Well that’s where the Capture Plus edition comes into play.

Zetadocs Capture Plus requirement

A Zetadocs Capture Plus license gives you access to functions in the Zetadocs-Capture Customise codeunit. This codeunit can be extended by partners using C/AL code in a repeatable way to meet custom requirements. In fact, one of the key principles of Zetadocs for NAV is a clear distinction between Zetadocs core codeunits and specific codeunits provided for partner customisation. This way our partners are able to develop software in a familiar programming language, working from strong examples, whilst making it far easier to port each customisation with minor modifications for the next customer.

Work by example

The Zetadocs-Capture Customise contains an example in the PreArchive function to create a custom folder structure. The example here shows how to create a folder structure based on a root folder name, the transaction type, and then the name of the customer or vendor. This example can simply be uncommented to get something working immediately and then extended to meet your need.

See both sides of the picture

Greg has focused above on the capture element of the solution, but it makes sense that if your teams need access to documents captured and associated with ERP records, then surely they’d benefit from those created in ERP that have been sent out too. The Delivery Plus edition has a similar capability that can follow the same folder structure you’ve defined in the Capture Customise codeunit. Also provided is an example of how to achieve that in the Zetadocs-Send Customise codeunit too so that you see both incoming and outbound documents within the precise folder structure you’ve devised.

Next steps

Speak to Prodware about how your business can store or search for documents in a particular way with document capture and management solutions from Equisys integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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