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Business process add-ons for NAV that go above and beyond | Document Dynamics Blog from Equisys

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Business process add-ons for NAV that go above and beyond | Document Dynamics Blog from Equisys

We’re pleased to share this blog published by our document management partner Equisys, authored by Paul Crawley.

Microsoft announced the General Availability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 at Directions EMEA on October 5th 2015. NAV 2016 comes with a number of new enhancements that has created excitement and buzz in and around the Dynamics community.  It comes as no surprise that Equisys have already been working with partners such as Prodware on NAV 2016 projects and have received requests enquiring about the availability of Zetadocs for NAV and Zetadocs Express for NAV 2016.

Announcing support for NAV 2016

During Equisys‘ ISV session in Mannheim, they continued to deliver against their vision of cloud-first document management software supported on devices and any NAV client.  They announced plans to release support for both Zetadocs and Zetadocs Express on NAV 2016 within 30 days of GA.  What’s more, this release will include support for Microsoft’s newest operating system and productivity suite, Windows 10 and Office 2016.

Enhancing NAV’s Document Management module

Since they started partnering with Microsoft to offer Zetadocs Express at no extra cost to all customers back in 2011, several thousand partners and customers have downloaded NAV‘s chosen document management module.  As partners and customers consider upgrading to NAV 2016, it’s important that document archives which have already been invested in can also take that journey. Users will continue to be able to store and retrieve documents with the same ease and flexibility as they were in earlier versions of NAV.

The next release of Zetadocs will enable customers to archive sent and received documents to a range of different document stores such as network folders or SharePoint libraries hosted on premise or in the cloud.  Any historical document archives created using Zetadocs for NAV will retain its integrity and also remain “in situ”. Customers’ document intensive processes within NAV will be managed and enhanced, not only in NAV 2016 but also beyond.

Taking you above and beyond NAV 2016

Partners such as Prodware, who attended Equisys‘ session at Directions were privileged to a preview of their new Expense Management solution for NAV.  This exciting new addition to their suite of business process add-ons enables partners to offer their customers the richest suite for NAV.

Equisys are committed to delivering rich, innovative add-ons for NAV and ensuring support for the latest platforms by keeping pace with Microsoft’s annual release cadence for NAV. Equisys empower partners such as Prodware to confidently deliver document and now expense management solutions whilst driving down the cost of sale and deployment.  It gives partners the confidence to say YES to whichever way a customer chooses to consume NAV and whatever their IT infrastructure.

What next? 

For anyone who missed  announcements from Equisys at Mannheim you can watch their webinar for a recap of the presentation.

Speak to Prodware about business process add-ons for NAV – including document and expense management.

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