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What are your cloud deployment and support options?

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What are your cloud deployment and support options?

No matter the sector or size of organisation, the adoption and importance of having cloud based solutions as part of your IT mixture is increasing.  Why cloud deployment … low barrier to entry in terms of cost and ease of use, its collaborative nature and now, increasingly how it can help with security in the face of data legislation and compliance.

Cloud is now part and parcel of our daily lives, according to this TalkinCloud article, Microsoft is dominant across many applications and uses as shown in this cloud service table from Q1 2017.

Application Application Type Rank Rank Last Quarter
Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business Cloud Storage 1 1
Facebook Social 2 3
Microsoft Office 365 Webmail 3 2
Google Drive Cloud Storage 4 4
Twitter Social 5 5

Making your choice for cloud deployment for your business

There are many cloud options available – so plan this activity carefully, seek advice from your peers, customers, and trusted technology partners to ensure you find the best solution to meet your needs.

Using the public cloud – what are the pro’s and cons?  The benefits include agility and ability to scale up and down, low IT overheads, procedures and SLAs in place for compliance and security.  Downsides might seem to be reduction of absolute freedom to shape and own your entire IT infrastructure or your own specific data security requirements.

Private and hosted cloud solutions are available, which give the best of both worlds between public cloud and on-premise, providing those benefits of the cloud while keeping data on site through privately-owned infrastructure; maintaining specific control over security. If this is an option, it is imperative that responsibility is assumed for backup, recovery and data legislation compliance (because this is all handled in the public cloud).

What should organisations be looking for in an IT partner for implementing and maintaining the cloud deployment chosen?

As this Prodware managed service diagram shows, you need to ensure that when looking at deployment options and how your entire IT infrastructure is supported, that there are no gaps in what is being managed and by whom.

Infrastructure Services Prodware

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of a single trusted IT partner to help with your IT infrastructure, and how MSPs have evolved in their service offering.   Please talk to Prodware about what your cloud deployment options are – and how/who you would like your IT supported accordingly from a Tier One Cloud Solution Provider.


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