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Using timesheets capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Using timesheets capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 features timesheet capabilities which provides your business the tools to efficiently manage their timesheets. Managing timesheets in Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables your resource staff to easily report time usage for an individual or a machine, and a manager can easily review the usage. This means that they can use this information to decide the allocation of different staff and time for future situations.

Dynamics NAV and timesheets

The Dynamics NAV timesheet functionality which offers a rich and user friendly interface capable of capturing basic resource information. Users or approvers of the ERP system are able to create and link so that the timesheets can be viewed and approved by the relevant person, whether this is their direct manager or the resource manager. This functionality allows for timesheets to be used to track the time that each different employee spends on a particular job, service order or assembly order. These can be created by weekly periods so that users and managers can monitor and manage the time of their employees over the space of a week. As long as jobs are assigned with the correct Resource/Responsibility, then users are able to create timesheets by completing the timesheet lines using the Job Planning Lines as the source data or create Timesheets based on individual resources.

With this capability, your business can manage their time effectively, understanding where possible delays may arise or look into why too much time was spent on a particular day.  This enables your business to develop and grow into a more efficient and productive company.

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