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Holiday park and holiday rental industry | Is luxury driving the market?

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Holiday park and holiday rental industry | Is luxury driving the market?

In a recent post, we discussed the promising trends of the holiday park sector. The UK holiday rental market is, in fact, undergoing spectacular growth. But standards are changing and customers’ needs are becoming complex and demanding; high-end and more value-based offerings are now a normal expectation: luxury and comfort are becoming the key drivers of the market.

Unique and authentic experiences. That’s what they look for. They want to feel at home but simply get more. They are searching for unforgettable places and out of the ordinary stays.

A home-from-home experience where the surroundings should give holiday-makers the comfort they normally have at home but with an extra touch: modern interior design, state-of-art appliances and high-tech facilities, flat-screen TVs, balconies and breath-taking panoramas, patios, swimming pools, hot tubs, cycle hire, etc.

With smart planning and actions, holiday rental operators can deliver these luxury-based home-from-home experiences; it’s no surprise that factors such as privacy, independence and flexibility tend to be key requirements for luxury travellers, who, therefore, will generally favour independent properties. The lodge holiday, for example, seen as an upmarket and luxury alternative to the more traditional caravan parks and campsites, have registered the biggest rise in popularity in the last few years.

Needless to say, the luxury holiday rental is a market of high potential.

Investing in innovation and luxury means investing in the success of your holiday park

In such a demanding and diversified scenario, investing in innovation and constant maintenance and upgrade is essential for holiday park owners. A new study of rental booking website uGuest reveals that, alongside the rise of private and self-catering accommodation, it has been found that middle class customers are demanding a total of £300 million in holiday property upgrades. Owners in the poll have declared they are willing to invest over £3000 in their property in 2015.

The main challenge for holiday park operators is, therefore, being able to deliver the right experience their evolving customers are looking for. Park owners and managers must constantly review and improve their product and facility offering, optimise their customer service and operations, and continuously monitor industry trends and their competition.

A business management solution can help park operators to easily analyse their customer trends and buying behaviour, manage their ongoing refurbishment and maintenance works, handle the consequent financial operations and provide online and timely information to help maximise revenues in the market in which they operate.

Speak to Prodware about how we can help holiday rental operators in delivering superior value to their customers and how the Parkvision business management system can enhance their business agility and visibility.

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