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BH&HPA highlights | Building Champions in the Holiday Park Industry

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BH&HPA highlights | Building Champions in the Holiday Park Industry

Recently Prodware attended the BH&HPA Conference & Exhibition 2017.  It was a jam-packed event full of insight and inspirational talks notably the National Chairman’s address from Henry Wild discussing his experiences serving a “remarkable industry”. With many interesting topics discussed, such as those mentioned in our preview blog, we look to present the BH&HPA highlights focusing on one of the most popular keynotes from Sir Clive Woodward OBE.

BH&HPA highlights – Sir Clive Woodward – “The DNA of a Champion”

Rugby World Cup winning Head Coach Sir Clive Woodward shared personal leadership insights into the criteria he believes characterise a champion individual or team. Prior to his eight years as Head Coach, Clive spent over 16 years in business and draws similarities between championship in sport and business success. Clive characterised a champion using four criteria:

  • Talent – you need to have the skills and ability to want to strive for your goal
  • Learning – you need to be teachable, want to be a student and more importantly be a ‘sponge’ rather than a rock
  • Thinking – you need to be able to cope under pressure and be a warrior (scared of nothing) and he used the acronym ‘T Cup’ (Thinking Correctly Under Pressure)
  • Hard-work – to achieve the best, you need to believe you are a champion, have the will and the right attitude and passion

Clive emphasised the importance of teach-ability and collaboration between teams with regards to both business and sport. Most of all Clive highlights the importance of your people and man-management, ensuring you recruit and develop the right people, then empower them with the right tools to do the job to the best of their ability.

Clive highlighted what it takes to lead, coach and inspire and the importance of investing in individual development for the greater good of the team, “Great teams are made of great individuals”. Clive’s view is that if you focus on the individual and their contribution, the team almost takes care of itself. But according to Clive, talent alone is not enough. You need to spend time on it, nurture it, and leverage it. And it’s fine to acknowledge that there might be people out there who have more talent. The crucial thing is to act like a sponge, rather than a rock. Sponges have a thirst for knowledge and a passion for their subject, which isn’t dependent on intellect. Rocks, on the other hand, close their eyes, ears and minds to new ideas, and require some extra coaching.


The holiday park manager – building champions with the right tools

What can holiday park managers learn from Clive’s presentation and further BH&HPA highlights? In addition to the man-management theory, technology can also support this.  In an industry where people are your greatest asset, it has never been more important to ensure you are motivating your staff to perform to the best of their abilities.

As such staff engagement, support, collaboration and empowerment should be at the forefront of management priorities. With collaboration tools such as Skype for Business and Office 365 Groups, teams can increase productivity and prioritise tasks. Office 365 Groups is a team membership service that provides a single identity for groups in Office 365 and equips them with a set of group collaboration assets such as a calendar, a OneNote notebook and a plan to manage tasks and conversations powered by Outlook or Yammer, in order to facilitate communication. If you are operating with a leaner workforce, you must support them with the tools they need in order to become more productive and collaborative.

The pace of digital and behavioural transformation that we are seeing in business is faster than it has ever been before, and it is important to keep up. Each individual needs coaching to help them build that champion status, but with the right tools at their fingertips employees can boost productivity and reduce time consuming administrative tasks. Online booking solutions, which ParkVision from Prodware connects with, provide an optimum customer online experience and allow users to easily and effectively manage their online bookings freeing up your customer service agents.

The ParkVision solution from Prodware based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, incorporates all the holiday park core business functionality into one single solution that supports optimised processes and delivers access to information to the whole organisation. This time critical information allows departmental managers and stakeholders to make effective and efficient business decisions that increase overall business performance. Speak to Prodware for more information on the tools which can inspire your team and improve productivity.

As well as the strategy talks there was a great presentation detailing the emerging trends in the holiday park industry which touched on several topics we discuss in our white paper, “The Modern Traveller | Opportunities Facing UK Holiday Parks”.

These were just some of our BH&HPA highlights, as always it is great to talk first hand with park owners and understand their business needs and challenges. If you missed the conference or were unable to talk to us on the day about your park management software needs, contact Prodware to speak with our park technology specialists.


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