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Microsoft Partner Careers

Being a part of the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Network can help IT professionals achieve their career goals and develop their industry knowledge. In a series of blogs we will be looking at some of the benefits of being a part of this ever-expanding, global community from different employees’ perspectives such as Microsoft Pre–sales Solution Specialists, Microsoft Dynamics Consultants, Project Managers and Microsoft Dynamics Sales representatives.


No doubt if you are considering a role in sales or are navigating your way through your sales career, you’re already aware of the …


In our third blog of the Microsoft partner careers series we will be looking at the role of Project Manager. Working directly with a …


In the second of our series of job blogs, today’s article will focus on a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant career.  In our previous blog, we looked at …


We blog regularly about how Microsoft Dynamics systems help the end user and businesses to overcome pain points and improve operational processes, it is …