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Make way for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 | The long-awaited CRM solution

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Make way for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 | The long-awaited CRM solution

The wait is over with the new CRM solution from Microsoft Dynamics becoming available in the coming weeks.

Two years since their latest major platform was unveiled, Microsoft have started to roll out Dynamics CRM 2013.

The new version will be available on premise, as well as online and according to Microsoft, the software has been ‘designed to redefine how businesses engage with their customers’. This major release will see people being put at the centre of the business, allowing companies’ sales, marketing and customer service teams to provide customers with a truly personal experience.

CRM solution user perks

To ensure users are able to work effortlessly, the navigation has been enhanced, allowing employees to concentrate on their work rather than complex software. This is supported by the synchronous workflow, which allows workflows to run on forms in real-time without refreshing the page, simplifying the user experience. .

Expanding where CRM 2011 left off, employees are able to access customer information across several types of devices. The new and improved mobile browser experience has started with iOS and Windows 8, with Android being included in the not too distant future. This is essential in a market where technology is always changing and businesses are becoming even more reliant on mobile devices.

Customers at the centre of the business with CRM 2013

The new user experience which is fast and fluid has been adapted so that it is outcome driven and based on industry-leading best practices, providing the ability to be agile within a consistently changing market.

Enabling employees to access information which is relevant to their jobs, the software gives them a deeper insight into customers and their specific needs. This provides your sales team the tools to drive sales and nurture relationships, so that customers receive a personal experience.

Specifically to help businesses with their marketing, CRM 2013 offers a connection to MarketingPilot, Microsoft’s marketing automation solution. This allows marketing teams to manage products, budgets and resources, as well as execute and monitor marketing campaigns and delivering a consistent customer experience across social and digital channels.

To improve and maintain the relationships between customers, CRM 2013 connects Skype for Business, allowing users to easily keep in touched with their customers, ensuring they are always well informed.

Keeping up with the social trend

A response to the increasing importance of social media for businesses, the enhanced social collaboration capabilities allow users to connect with the right people, with the right resources, therefore ensuring a deeper personal connection. One of these capabilities is that the software allows people to collaborate and share customer knowledge using Yammer.

Process agility & multiple processes

Dynamics CRM 2013 gives its users a clearer visual guidance to help navigate processes, making workflows more prescriptive and easier to follow.

The new process bar allows users to follow a series of next action steps and as this is aligned with workflows, it helps make the progress through leads, opportunities, service cases and other tasks to be become even smoother experience.

The prominent new visual process displays & reflects your own phases and key steps so users can easily identify where they are in a process and what needs to happen to progress, making this far more proactive & perceptive than traditional CRM workflows.

In a significant move from CRM 2011, you are now able to map & configure multiple process flows for each record type, making this a highly valued essential new feature for any organisations with multiple sales qualification processes, or for service-related companies that deliver against multiple SLA’s.

Processes can also be configured enabling workflows to flow through multiple entities, for example when you qualify a lead to an opportunity, or when the sale is won and the opportunity is converted to a project record.

Selecting the right CRM solution for your business

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is the ideal solution for businesses seeking software which helps people to work efficiently and provide their customers with the best personal experience. If you need to compare and select the most appropriate CRM solution, the tool makes a personalised recommendation based on your requirements and is highly recommended for small and large businesses.

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