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How can sales force automation for Dynamics CRM help your business?

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How can sales force automation for Dynamics CRM help your business?

Customers buy differently today. The average customer is actually 70% down the sales cycle before contacting suppliers. With easy access to vast amounts of information online, buyers are better informed and more knowledgeable than ever. Don’t let your salespeople be left behind – Sales Force Automation features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM help your sales team focus on selling to the new type of socially connected, highly knowledgeable buyer.

What is Sales Force Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Sales Force Automation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a software solution which allows you to streamline and automate your sales and marketing processes. This enables your marketing team to generate more leads which are better qualified and enables your sales team to work more efficiently and spend more time selling. The CRM system ensures that your salespeople have a consistent and proven methodology supported by innovative productivity tools, which can help your team achieve measurable sales results.

Know your customer better

Using the CRM solution, you can benefit from enhanced capabilities which provide the business a complete view of customers and prospects. These features include, Relationship Charts, Google Search extension, Social CRM capabilities and an extended Visit Module, which allow your sales team to identify key decision makers and qualify opportunities.

Accelerate sales performance

The CRM system provides the capabilities to improve the performance of your sales team. Using the Preconfigured Sales Processes, Extended Dashboard and Advanced Assignments, your salespeople can improve their sales approach and therefore their results.

Quickly create quotes and orders

The SFA solution provides the tools, Quote/Order Configurator, Picture Upload, Discount Management, Document Publisher and Tax/VAT Management, which enables your sales process to become more efficient and quicker.

Enhance your product catalogue

Work with full-featured product catalogues which provide you the ability to manage packaged products and single products. The SFA solution adds multiple extensions and tools to Dynamics CRM such as: Product Families and Product Hierarchies, Extended Relationships between Products and Duplicate Pricelists and Products.

How can Sales Force Automation help my marketing and sales team?

The system enables your customer facing employees to track all contact with your prospective customers, noting the reason for contact and the follow up, if this is required. This reduces the chance of duplication, which can often occur if more than one person across the company speaks with the customer.

Your sales team are able to monitor each interaction, measuring their performance and how they can rectify this where there is room for improvement. Utilising the capabilities of the Sales Force Automation solution, users can learn more about their customers and prospects, increasing the chance of your sales people qualifying more opportunities. Your employees are also able to maintain customer relationships by tracking your customers and managing their accounts.

Sales Force Automation software helps to ensure a shorter sales cycle, higher close rates and improved customer retention. With the CRM system, marketing and sales team can benefit from innovated productivity tools, allowing your sales force to have a consistent and proven sales approach in order to achieve measurable sales results.

How can Prodware help your CRM project?

At Prodware, our experts understand the importance of CRM and how vital it is to include this software in your business. With this in mind, we can provide the right CRM solution for your business. The tool makes a personalised recommendation based on your requirements and is highly recommended for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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