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Dynamics CRM | The heart of your IT stack

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Dynamics CRM | The heart of your IT stack

One of the benefits of using CRM is that it has the ability to integrate with your business’s information technology stack. As various businesses already use Microsoft software to run their infrastructure, choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables them to benefit from a solution which integrates with these applications.

What is CRM?

CRM is Customer Relationship Management software which unites your marketing, sales and customer service teams, providing them complete visibility of their customers and their information.  The system provides businesses the tools to improve the productivity of their workforce, with features including simplified data entry, customer summary, and the ready-to-go Sales and Customer Service business process. This ensures a feeling of continuity throughout any interaction your customer has with your front office employees.

CRM integration with Outlook

With every department within your business using email on a daily basis, having complete integration with Outlook can be of vital significance to improving the way your customer service, marketing and sales teams work. Microsoft Dynamics CRM seamlessly integrates with Outlook, enabling your customer-facing employees to send messages and track conversations within CRM. Your CRM system provides users with access to all of their Outlook email, appointments, contacts and CRM client information situated in one place.

Dynamics CRM also enables users to convert an Outlook email into a sales opportunity, rather than copying and pasting notes from Outlook into CRM, this allows you to track all correspondence and data in one system. You can easily create contacts, accounts or leads in Dynamics CRM from your email inbox. Users are also provided the tools to trace and track relevant fields by easily setting up personal preferences. The integration of CRM with Outlook offers your customer service, sales and marketing teams the ability to track all of their CRM tasks within Outlook, meaning they are constantly aware of what they need to be doing.

CRM Integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Lync

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM system offers seamless integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Lync, allowing your business to improve and increase its productivity.

The SharePoint integration allows your employees to create document libraries in Dynamics CRM to share documents from a central location that is easily accessible to all authorised users. You are able to add document management capabilities to Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and other CRM entities. The software provides the ability to store quotes, proposals, project plans, applications, spreadsheets and other documents that are specific to a prospect or customer.

Dynamics CRM integration with Lync allows you to be aware of the availability of CRM users, customers and other contacts within the CRM system. This integration also enables users to initiate real-time communications from CRM including instant messaging, web conferencing, screen-sharing and phone calls.

Being able to export your data from CRM is a vital part of using the software, so integration with both Microsoft Word and Excel enables your users to make the most of your data. Provided with access to live CRM data within Microsoft Excel, users are able to create dynamic pivot tables and reports, as well as spreadsheets to monitor the data and see it in a clear format. You can easily use existing Microsoft Word capabilities to send e-mail marketing campaigns with the feature-rich mail merge functionality of Word, which is fully tracked within Dynamics CRM.

How can CRM integration help my business?

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, businesses in different industries and sizes can link various areas of the business to increase and improve how they use their customer data. Acting as the main platform for the front end of the company, CRM offers your marketing, sales and customer service teams the opportunity to access the software securely via roles and portals. CRM users are able to manage all interactions with your customers, develop relationships and ensure customers and prospects receive information and contact.

How can Prodware help?

With unparalleled expertise in CRM, Prodware is able to implement and support your CRM project and ensure that your other applications are fully integrated with the software. If you need to compare and select the most appropriate CRM solution, the tool makes a personalised recommendation based on your requirements and is highly recommended for small and large businesses.

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