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Customer Service | Helping those who help your customers, with CRM

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Customer Service | Helping those who help your customers, with CRM

For any size business, customers are the lifeblood of the company. It is therefore essential that they are provided the best service possible, from the marketing and sales team through to the customer service team. After your customers have purchased your service or product, they often have no further contact with the sales team. Instead, all their needs or complaints fall to the customer service team.

How often have you contacted support for a telecommunications or utilities provider, it is always customer service personnel who will deal with the problem. It is a common occurrence that if they do not have the response you want, then it is them who will suffer the brunt of your frustration.

How can CRM accommodate this?

CRM is designed so that every person in your sales, marketing and customer service teams have the tools to fulfil their responsibilities. As the software is RoleTailored, this ensures that it has been defined and customised in order to meet the needs and requirements of each member of your team.

One of the many benefits of CRM software is that it enables your business to be connected, collaborative and integrated, so that several departments can effectively work together. With this consideration in mind, each of these team members are provided the access to a vast amount of information, which has been inputted by marketing, sales as well as customer service. This means that all the customer information is present for whoever needs to view the data, showing all the contact the company has had with different individuals. The software, holds all records about interactions with customers via different channels such as calls, online, chat, email, or social networking.

Quick and efficient customer service

Especially for customer service employees, accurate and fast access to information is a major advantage, as with all the customer information being synchronised to the system, the user can quickly search for details about the customer, including what product/service they have acquired from the company, as well as details of previous interactions, issues and agreements. As a customer, it is a reassurance to know that the customer service member knows the background of your company and service agreement, rather than having to elaborate and answer a number of questions. Having this insight from the customer data means the team member can focus more on the problem at hand, rather than fact-finding about the company.

With the CRM software escorting the user through the process, helping them to keep track of each step, customer service teams can make informed decisions to both help the customer and the company in rectifying the problem quickly and efficiently. Now CRM software can offer businesses a consistent and higher level of service which is both simple and intuitive.

How can Prodware help with this?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is the ideal solution for businesses seeking software which helps people to work efficiently and provide their customers with the best personal experience. If you need to compare and select the most appropriate CRM solution for your business, the tool makes a personalised recommendation based on your requirements and is highly recommended for businesses of all sizes.  Please download our white paper on how to get started with your CRM migration for some practical tips.

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