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Challenges for the modern Chief Marketing Officer | Is technology in marketing friend or foe?

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Challenges for the modern Chief Marketing Officer | Is technology in marketing friend or foe?

Chief marketing officers, once all too often regarded as holding the ‘chief’ tag while being concerned with no more than corporate marketing campaigns, are now well and truly part of the C-suite. While they have always necessarily had an overarching view of business strategy, now they help to create that strategy. And at the same time, CMOs are working in a world of unprecedented connectedness, of ‘always-on’ campaigns and always-connected consumers; and, therefore, they can no longer ignore the potential benefits (or challenges) of marketing technology.

All of which creates hugely complicated landscapes for CMOs to navigate, and complex challenges for them to deal with.

In this blog, in partnership with our white paper looking at the top ten challenges facing today’s CMOs, we examine why Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is the best choice for modern heads of marketing.

How technology makes a difference – the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing ensures that CMOs have access to all the information they need, exactly when they need it. Whether that’s a quick overview of all past, present and future campaigns, a quick ROI assessment of an event or an analysis of customer sentiment on Twitter for the past months – all this data is at their fingertips. As Microsoft puts it, CMOs can ‘measure pipeline and revenue results across every marketing investment. Marketing analytics and Power BI let you track your impact across campaigns and channels for a true view of your marketing ROI.’


With a marketing team that might be spread across multiple sites or even continents, with different areas managing different activity strands and marketing channels, it’s vital that the CMO can create unified aims, objectives and analytics. We’ve touched above on how Microsoft Dynamics Marketing provides a unified view of data – because it’s a centralised platform for all marketing function it also makes centralised goals and performance analysis far easier to manage.


Two things to consider here. First, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is the ideal platform for accessing on mobile devices and on the move – all functionality remains smooth and straightforward, and data is updated in real-time. Second, it is a hugely scalable platform, able to expand with both the marketing department and the business as a whole.


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing integrates seamlessly with the company’s CRM system. This helps to close the potential gap between sales and marketing, a major challenge for the modern CMO. And just as crucially, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing connects smoothly to social media platforms, ensuring in-depth and comprehensive social listening, 24/7.

It’s undeniable that today’s Chief Marketing Officer role is fraught with challenges – but while technology, in creating a multitude of marketing channels and a mobile, tech-savvy customer, has helped fuel some of these challenges, it also offers a sophisticated solution and huge benefits.

To start the conversation on how your business could benefit from Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, contact Prodware today.

Don’t forget to download our white paper on the top ten challenges facing modern CMOs.

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