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What’s new in the business apps marketplace | Microsoft Appsource

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What’s new in the business apps marketplace | Microsoft Appsource

In 2016, Microsoft launched its online shop – Microsoft Appsource – for searching, trying and buying business apps, allowing organisations to invest in business solutions that meet their needs in line with their own timescales and priorities.

Microsoft and its Dynamics partners such as Prodware have been working since launch in order to make available vertical and job function focussed SaaS apps, to build further on meeting business needs now and into the future.  These apps vary in their granularity but all have been developed to complement and work with Microsoft core solutions (Dynamics 365, Azure, Cortana Intelligence, Office 365, Power BI, and more) that meet real business needs.  There are hundreds of apps, add-ons and content packs.

Often, businesses need to work their way around a business solution in order to understand the look and feel, as this will affect user adoption and helps decision makers gauge productivity gains and ease of use.  Taking a test-drive in AppSource is easy, this step by step process is explained in this article.

Stay up to date with Microsoft Appsource

Dozens of apps continue to go live on Microsoft AppSource every month, in order to keep updated, visit and bookmark the dedicated Appsource blog site from Microsoft.

Check out the full library of apps to see how Microsoft’s ecosystem of ISVs is working to support businesses across industries and regions.


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