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What can IT teams expect from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018?

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What can IT teams expect from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018?

If you are an IT professional who has responsibility for managing your organisation’s business management systems, this blog on some of the tech features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 will be of interest.  Whether you manage an existing version of Dynamics NAV or are thinking of upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics, we hope it will shed light on how Microsoft are making your working life that bit easier.

Allowing personalisation of users’ workspace directly in the web client

Personalisation is enabled in Dynamics NAV 2018 by default for all.  It’s simple to get started, the Personalise menu item under the user’s sign-in avatar in the upper right corner, as changes are made they are immediately saved and only seen by that user, regardless of device.  Top requested features for personalisation include:

  • Move, hide, or show a field on the page
  • Move, hide, or show a column on the page
  • Freeze columns to keep them visible while you scroll, just like in Microsoft Excel
  • Move or hide Cues
  • Move or hide parts, such as Factboxes or Role Centre parts
  • Clear personalisation from a page and start fresh
  • NAV allows IT administrators the ability to deny personalisation to groups of users from the Profile page, or clear personalisation from all pages or a specific page for a user

Previewing reports on multiple supported browsers in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

A report can be previewed (using the new PDF Viewer control) directly in the NAV web client (not just in Internet Explorer) by selecting the Preview button on report request pages.  A toolbar provides several features on how to work with your report, such as zooming in and out, file download etc.

Report Preview in Web Client Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

Dynamics NAV Universal App runs on even more devices – including HoloLens

When you run the latest Universal App update on Windows, NAV can run on Microsoft Hololens and team collaboration devices such as Microsoft Surface Hub.

Windows 10 Continuum and Dynamics NAV – desktop experience from your mobile

Continuum is a Windows 10 feature that allows you to project your phone to a big screen and interact with keyboard and mouse through Bluetooth.  The Dynamics NAV Universal App switches automatically to the desktop experience.

Extending NAV 2018 functionality via APIs on the Dynamics NAV platform

Developers can create connected apps on the NAV platform via an extensive application programming interface (API).  The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 API includes 44 entities, which provide access to business entities related to core finance functions such as company information, journal entry, customer and vendor management, sales and purchasing documents plus financial reporting.

Developers can create apps without needing a deep understanding of Dynamics NAV data model and business logic, this helps users to make app changes on their own schedule.  Microsoft have also added an option in the Administration console to enable and disable the API endpoint (default is disabled) for explicit control.

For more information on the benefits of deploying Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 throughout your organisation, read our previous NAV blogs for sales and finance teams.  Microsoft have also collated “what’s new” documentation for IT Pros and Developers online.

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