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System of intelligence | What does analytics mean for business management?

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System of intelligence | What does analytics mean for business management?

In the first of our predictive analytics blog pair, we discussed how machine learning can help give service management companies in particular a competitive edge and a more streamlined approach to their operations.

At Convergence 2015, Microsoft presented new launches and waves of business applications, among them Dynamics CRM 2016.  Under the theme of “system of intelligence”, Microsoft have now enabled the use of predictive analytics within CRM for a wider audience; giving us “contextual, productive relationships”.  Put simply, it empowers companies to be less reactive, plan better and provide excellent customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM becomes a system of intelligence

Cortana analytics is moving on from being a mere competitor to the likes of Apple’s “Siri” or “OK Google”; Microsoft have developed business functionality so that Cortana supports users in both their work and personal life – which as we all know the lines are blurred.

Cortana can surface information from CRM alongside Outlook data and other sources in order to give say, sales teams a wider view of their customer records (tasks, history and opportunities for instance) on the go, helping mobile teams plan their day and their wider account management.

As well as widening the functionality of Cortana analytics, it is important to note how deep this goes into the data within business applications.

Because of the relationship with the cloud platform of Microsoft Azure, machine learning can reach across applications and surface contextual information personalised to the user, through applications such as CRM 2016  and Office Delve.

Intelligent customer service with Azure machine learning

By leveraging the power of an Azure ML text analytics API, customer service agents using Microsoft Dynamics CRM can receive suggestions of similar cases and articles within the shared Knowledgebase.  The application analyses key phrases from within CRM’s activities, notes and attachments.  A real advantage for customer care management is the way in which topics can be automatically analysed in order to highlight trends of issues occurring with customer cases so that the root cause can be fixed elsewhere within the organisation – reducing further complaints.

It is clear that with the cloud, business management software is truly going beyond a single application; with relationship management and a personalised experience being at the heart of Microsoft technology.

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