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Office 365 | The deep integration journey continues with video

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Office 365 | The deep integration journey continues with video

Microsoft’s mantra for Office 365 is “Work anywhere, anytime, on any device” – the breadth and depth of the ability to work without impediment is not stopping, with new innovations being added to help business become more productive and collaborative.  In this blog we discuss the latest developments and what it means for industry.

Office 365 video becomes Microsoft Stream

We’ve written previously about the importance of being able to conduct business with peers, partners and customers face to face, how this isn’t always possible or productive in person with disparate workers and complex supply chains; hence why the use of video as a collaboration tool is becoming more common and accessible.

How about video’s use as a broadcast tool for reaching out and distributing or exchanging content, learning materials or internal staff/HR communications?

One of the biggest barriers to staff learning and development is fear of complexity, long term adoption and resistance to change.  By leveraging packaged visual aids which are accessible on an ongoing basis, this helps the management team reinforce corporate policy or just how-to guides for adopting new tech and skills.

Since its launch in 2014, Office 365 Video has helped enterprise share content with users, this cloud based streaming service is now evolving into Microsoft Stream, built on Azure Media Services.

According to Microsoft’s Seth Patton in his recent launch blog “In the workplace, video is a key way to share information, educate and train employees, drive engagement and build culture… Stream is a single destination for video management, with built-in intelligence, deep integration across Office 365 and the IT management and security capabilities that businesses of all sizes require. It gives individuals a destination to contribute, search and discover all their company videos. It is also now the cross-suite video service for Office 365 in the enterprise, making it seamless for people to share videos inside Office 365 applications like SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Yammer. Microsoft Stream is also integrated with Office 365 Groups, which means every group has a designated channel—making it even easier to manage content across teams.”

Microsoft Stream

So if your organisation is already using Office 365, or you are considering its use, then because Stream works seamlessly with Office 365 – your teams can easily upload, view, and share videos right inside these collaboration apps using a single sign-on.

For more information watch the video,  take a test drive with a Microsoft free trial, visit the Stream website and to keep updated on the phased functional enhancements, bookmark this Microsoft Stream roadmap.

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