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Is a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant career right for you?

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Is a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant career right for you?

In the second of our series of job blogs, today’s article will focus on a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant career.  In our previous blog, we looked at Pre-sales within Microsoft Dynamics and the benefits of playing a key role within the buying process within this forward thinking technology eco-system.  So, once the client has decided to invest in a business management solution, such as Dynamics NAV, AX or CRM; this is traditionally where the Consultant will become predominantly involved – liaising with the Project Manager in the implementation.

Considerations to make when looking at a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant career

The Consultant sits at the heart of a professional services organisation; and by its nature requires solid customer-facing communication skills, a calm head, attention to detail as well as deep understanding of the ERP or CRM solution and business processes.

Over recent years, this Consultant role has been sought after within the Microsoft Dynamics community; so if you are currently considering your IT career and enjoy working with people as much as you are interested in applications and tech; this might be a career path for you.  Similarly, if you are outside of the Microsoft community but within professional services, this might be the time to consider a career move in an environment that offers variety in technology and customers.

We’ve already touched on the growth of the Microsoft Dynamics network, but how has this impacted the careers of Dynamics Consultants?  We’ve spoken to members of the team here at Prodware UK on what professionals might expect.

Joining the career path as a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

The career path into being a Dynamics consultant isn’t as linear as you might expect, indeed a NAV Application Consultant at Prodware, Paul Clare remembers: “I was working as an IT Manager at a packaging firm when I became involved in a selection process for a new ERP system.  I was seconded into the project to bring both an IT perspective and as part of my MBA qualification I was undertaking.”

This indirect journey is quite common, with key staff at client-side becoming the implementation partner; Dale Pascoe, Prodware UK’s AX Application Consultant had a similar experience. “I was part of a UK ERP project team within a multi-national manufacturing company, and I ended up being employed by the US implementation partner who I had worked on the project with; as they wanted to set up a UK BaaN practice. For the last 13 years I have worked within the Dynamics AX environment.”

Variety is the spice of life in a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant career

Job diversity for a Dynamics Consultant comes from solutions, clients, sectors and indeed countries where the project takes place.  Paul Clare states “My consulting career has taken me all over the UK, Ireland and much of Europe (Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Spain) and the United States.  My current project will add Italy, Norway, Dubai, Qatar, UAE and  several countries in the Asia Pacific region.”  Dale Pascoe agrees: “As well as the four corners of UK, my role has led me to work in projects in France, Belgium & Holland.”

Personal satisfaction comes from project success

Often consultants and their performance are the lynchpin of long term success of a professional services organisation, and it is when personal and commercial achievements combine together that motivation and indeed reward comes.

We asked Paul Clare, a Prodware NAV Consultant some of the past achievements he might be most proud of: “There are many highlights, but in terms of prompt implementations; I achieved a go-live for a new garden centre in four days (from electricity supply being switched on to the doors opening to the public) or perhaps in my current project – three countries live in three months.

Dale Pascoe, Prodware’s AX Consultant summarises the broader change management aspect of his role: “Over the 27 years’ of experience within manufacturing, I have amassed broad knowledge of business processes and problems.”

If you would like to hear more about a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant career and join a community of thousands of partners around the world, with the power and experience of Microsoft behind them,  Contact Prodware today to find out more about our current vacancies.

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