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How do I know which is the right ERP solution for me?

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How do I know which is the right ERP solution for me?

Many companies who know it is time for them to choose a new or upgraded ERP solution, are not entirely sure where to begin looking. With so many organisations offering their services, finding the right one can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

ERP systems play a major part in thousands of businesses and hundreds of industries and it is essential to keep up-to-date, otherwise your software may not be providing you with the full functionality available to your company. If your current system is limiting efficiency and productivity, your entire business is being limited as well. If you are having to work outside of the ERP solution, then it is not meeting your needs and you are being dictated to by its restrictions. A common scenario is businesses running out-dated and inflexible software, where finance is not integrated completely with other areas of the business such as operations and sales and marketing. If your business is hindered by such boundaries it is time to consider upgrading to a new ERP system.

Technology is constantly advancing and the way we consume IT applications is evolving. With mobile devices increasingly on the agenda, solutions are becoming more flexible and accessible from outside of the office. This is a strong reason to ensure you are keeping up with the steady change, as otherwise your company can fall behind and your system can become outdated.

Where to start when selecting your ERP solution?

When beginning the search for ERP solutions, make your company’s processes the focus point for your needs and requirements. Otherwise you can waste time searching through solutions and vendors who do not have the software which meets your needs. To begin this process, you need to identify the factors which are currently wrong with or missing from your existing solution.

Compared to the majority of purchases, an ERP or CRM solution is not simply a single occurrence. For the length of your contract, you are connected with the vendor and are able to build relationships with them. The right partner is available for support throughout implementation, deployment and even after, which is a reassurance to you as a business that you can easily get in touch with consultants to help with any questions, problems or changes you need assistance with.

For any company, the data you hold is important and critical to many elements of your business. Therefore, when moving or upgrading your ERP system, you need to have the confidence that all your current data will be migrated into the new solution easily. This also gives you the possibility of sorting through the data, ensuring the essential and master documents are transferred securely.

How to find the right ERP partner

An implementation partner who understands your industry is a valuable asset to you as they have a head-start in matching your business processes to an ERP solution. The most competent suppliers will understand the balance between customising an ERP solution to your requirements versus keeping standard functionality. One of the key factors to consider is that with every customisation, the cost and maintenance will increase where it may not have needed to.

Today, ERP systems have certainly changed along with the technological platforms upon which they are based. This can make adapting to them more complex and difficult for users. A key factor to take into account when considering new software, is the amount of training required and how easily users can get accustomed to it. This will have a direct impact on your return on investment, because after the implementation it is your users who will be using the solution day in and day out. Furthermore, the quicker the users become competent users of the solution, the quicker the system starts to pay itself back.

How can Prodware help with this?

Choosing the right solution for your company is not a decision to be made lightly. You have to take your time and figure out the key requirements, features and the right supplier. If you require assistance in matching your requirements to ERP solutions available on the market, the tool is highly recommended.

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