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How can your business benefit from document management in Dynamics NAV?

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How can your business benefit from document management in Dynamics NAV?

A frequent comment made by users of Dynamics NAV is that although the ERP solution works wonders for their business processes, it does not eliminate problems with excessive paper-traits of hard-copy documents sent to and received from customers and suppliers. Zetadocs for NAV is an add-on for Dynamics NAV which offers the answer to this problem.

Zetadocs software provides you the technology to electronically scan and store your important documents, rather than building up your volume of paper copies.

Supplier invoice processing

Your business can benefit from increased efficiency and reduced costs, with automated supplier invoice scanning, splitting and archiving.

The Zetadocs software allows your business the functionality to have your invoices all in one place, enabling different users to access the information, rather than just your accounts and finance team. The instant on-screen access by authorised personnel allows the business to ensure that more staff have access to the information they require to answer queries by their customers. This also maintains the integrity of documents, as every supplier invoice can be stored in the ERP software for back-up.

With Zetadocs, your invoices no longer go astray, payment approval processes are more transparent and timely payments can be made routine with minimal effort. The software allows your received supplier invoices to be automatically scanned and archived. This drastically reduces the time taken to store these documents and make them available for approval.

Electronic invoicing

Your business can instantly deliver and archive electronic invoices with Zetadocs for Dynamics NAV.  This means your costs and time spent invoicing can be drastically reduced. As the information, whether originally in paper copy or electronic, can be all in the same place and query resolution and customer service will be improved.

Your accounts and finance team, probably more than any other department, relies on hard copy documents, and if your business does not have electronic document management software, they will still be using paper copies to do this. Instead, your invoices can be delivered electronically directly from NAV, which means you can quickly and efficiently access any information or document easier than searching for the piece of paper.

Proof of delivery tracking

Zetadocs enables your users to reliably scan and store batches of signed Proof of Delivery (POD) notes, allowing instant on-screen access that raises staff productivity and improves customer service. Being able to automate the filing of Proof of Delivery document, whilst providing on-screen access to them helps your staff deliver excellent service and work more efficiently.

Document management for Dynamics NAV

The software allows emails, electronic faxes or scanned documents to be dragged and dropped against NAV records, which means the information is automatically archived. Links are provided which enables swift retrieval from within NAV or Sharepoint and makes the information instantly available to anyone. The electronic document management software offers powerful functionality for improving the accounts payable processes, whilst allowing the crucial documents which have been scanned to be retrieved within Dynamics NAV.

How can Prodware help?

Prodware has extensive experience in implementing Zetadocs for Dynamics NAV customers. If you are interested in how Zetadocs can help your business to work efficiently whilst being able to track and use the documents which have been scanned and stored, get in touch with Prodware on 0161 705 6000.

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