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7 ways Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 can help your business to achieve its goals

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7 ways Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 can help your business to achieve its goals

As companies grow and expand, they need to have ERP software which is able to keep up with their rapidly changing requirements.

Microsoft have designed Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 in order to meet the needs and demands of global enterprises. Simple and easy to use, the solution delivers value fast by supporting industry-specific and operational business processes. How can Dynamics AX help you achieve your goals?

Drive and run your global enterprise

With Microsoft Dynamics AX, the barriers to international growth are removed. Complete visibility across the business enables you and your users to be kept aware of performance across departments and locations, whilst streamlining global operations. The ERP system enables you to expand your business operations to new geographies easily with country-specific localisations, allowing you to meet regulatory requirements for 36 countries including high growth markets. The software also provides the capabilities for entities across your multisite or global organisation to share the same data, business rules, and processes, harmonising and streamlining business practices.

Help your employees to work better, faster and smarter

Dynamics AX is designed to enable both you and your employees to make informed and proactive decisions which impact the business positively. The RoleTailored experience of Microsoft Dynamics AX shows the information, tasks, and insights relevant to specific job functions. The software offers Dynamics AX users core ERP functionality for finance, human resources and operations management, enabling them to anticipate and embrace change. By having the resources most needed by your users at their fingertips, whilst ensuring the solution works seamlessly with other Microsoft productivity tools you and your users are familiar with, you can help your people work better, faster, and smarter right from the start.

Gain an edge over your competitors

Make your business stand out from your competitors by rapidly adapting the ERP system to support your specific business requirements. You can develop and maintain unique business processes easily and upgrade to new releases with ease thanks to the model-driven, layered infrastructure. Your users can use the capabilities of Dynamics AX to their advantage, with the ability to increase productivity and help meet the demands of your customers.

Leverage Microsoft’s investment

Microsoft are committed to research, development, and innovation in business management solutions and supporting applications including collaboration, communication and office productivity. Dynamics AX uses the power of the Microsoft platform to deliver solutions for the way your people work day in and day out, offering embedded business intelligence and familiar communication and collaboration technologies integrated with business applications.

Make the right decisions with Business Intelligence and reporting

Business intelligence is about providing everyone – not just management – with the insights to make impactful decisions. Dynamics AX includes Business Intelligence and Reporting capabilities including dashboards, analysis cubes, KPIs and analytics reports, which means that your users have the information needed to make decisions to drive business success.

Implement flexibility to support your business today and tomorrow

Microsoft understands how business requirements are ever-changing. With this in mind, Dynamics AX offers simplified and accelerated deployment and a familiar user interface. As well as replacing your legacy systems one-by-one, you can take advantage of the flexible Dynamics AX solution infrastructure which provides end-to-end or workload-based implementations. This means the implementation time can be reduced and you can deploy one business scenario at a time.

Meet your industry needs

With Dynamics AX you can meet your business requirements quickly as the solution provides prebuilt industry capabilities for manufacturing, distribution, services, retail, and the public sector. The ERP system uniquely combines industry-specific capabilities in one solution and makes them available to all customers, benefiting organisations that are in need of capabilities for more than one industry.

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