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New year, new you | The value of employee values during business transformation

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New year, new you | The value of employee values during business transformation

After time to reflect over the festive period, we all return to work with more energy and resolve and ready to perhaps make some changes in our personal and professional lives.  If your business model is looking to undergo a transformation in 2017, whether it’s a performance improvement plan, diversifying into new markets, or reviewing your business processes; taking your staff with the new you is an important part of your approach.

Employee values underpinning company strategy

All too often, a company strategy is defined and implemented either without corporate core values or are completely divorced from existing values – developed by a different team.  No matter the size of your organisation, it is important to define core values that are the essence of your personal and professional identity.

  • If you own/run the business, how do you want your colleagues to act with each other, your clients and your partners?
  • Are these values authentic to you, do you personally follow these and set a good example?
  • Have you checked with your colleagues that they know and buy into your company values?
  • Have you refreshed your values in line with any intrinsic business change? Sometimes it can be seen as a strength that no matter what happens a core set of values remain; or alternatively an open and flexible set of values is also a benefit at times of big change.
  • Does your value system underpin your strategy or does it seem like two different organisations in parallel?
  • How do you know that your colleagues are practising these values? Do you run initiatives such as monthly employee awards, does your brand/product/service reflect them and does your recruitment and appraisal ask for examples of these values?
  • Your mission statement is not the same as your company values, but there will be overlap.

Take time out to define and share who you are, be it new you or always you

In this next week or so, in tandem with reviewing your annual plans for 2017, make sure you ask yourself the above questions.

A good start point is to look at single words, but if you truly want values to live in and around your organisation, make sure you develop concrete examples of what these mean so that it is easy for colleagues, partners and customers to practice and recognise them.  For example, the below are Prodware’s own values, but we have developed further wording (both locally and internationally throughout the Group) to illustrate them.

Prodware values

A personal perspective of the importance of corporate values

If you are also looking at a career change in your personal life, understanding a prospective employer’s belief system is as important as reviewing the job description.  Organisations will often publish them alongside any mission statement or “about us” section of the website, so take the time to review and build some illustrations of where you may have shown these qualities – both for your own piece of mind but also to bring yourself to life in the interview process.

Here at Prodware we understand that business management projects are always part of a larger transformation process and recognise that as a professional service company; our values, our people and how they work alongside project owners is intrinsic to success. We wish you a successful 2017 and look forward to working with you, whether its the new you or the always you.

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