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10 ways Microsoft Dynamics NAV facilitates business growth| Growing an SME

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10 ways Microsoft Dynamics NAV facilitates business growth| Growing an SME

Growing an SME is a tough challenge. Cashflow management, customer satisfaction, stretched human resources and large competitors all cause headaches for management. How does Microsoft Dynamics NAV resolve these issues and enable growth?

1. It is not simply an ERP system

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been designed to provide a complete vision for your business and goes beyond what a simple standalone ERP solution is able to do. The software offers enhanced core functionality, coupled with a user-friendly and customisable new look and feel. Dynamics NAV unifies your core business processes and empowers your users to make decisions that improve margins and cash flow, allowing your business to grow.

2. Helps your people to work better and faster

With Dynamics NAV, your users can benefit from the RoleTailored user experience which filters the information and tasks relevant to specific job functions. The training time required to get your users using the solution quickly and efficiently can be vastly reduced, as the resources and information they need are easily within their grasp. This leads to an intuitive experience that helps your employees work better, faster and smarter right from when the ERP software is implemented. The system also offers businesses the unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration and communications tools. These enable users to connect with many areas of the company, providing them with complete visibility and control across the business.

3. Reduces the risk in the business

Over the years, Microsoft have been able to build their reputation as a trusted provider of innovative consumer and business solutions. This means that using Microsoft Dynamics software, your users are provided with access to local resources and expertise that they need due to Microsoft’s global partner network, and can count on the long-term stability of the Microsoft platform.

4. Pushes and supports business growth

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been designed to empower your employees to be more productive. Easily able to accommodate new processes and additional lines of business, the software can be scaled to meet higher demands and more complex processes in the future. The ERP solution offers the support you need to achieve your business goals and provide overall growth across the business.

5. Tailored to work as users do

The Dynamics software supports how your employees do business as it works the way they want to use it, whether it is over the web (in the cloud), or by using a traditional desktop application (on-premise). A business solution from Microsoft enables both office and remote employees to perform business processes and connect through the tools and channels they’re used to, including instant messaging, email and voice.

6. Works with a familiar interface

The Dynamics NAV solution is easy to learn and use as the software works similar to and alongside familiar Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Office and Outlook. The software’s familiar user interface helps users to adapt easily to Dynamics NAV, meaning that they are up and running and productive quicker, accelerating your return on investment.

7. Looks to the future

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps your users become proactive with embedded business intelligence tools that help them not only solve problems but also prevent them from happening in the first place. This means your users are able to keep ahead of any problems, ensuring that your business is prepared for the future.

8. Adds value for your business

The ERP software is able to deliver value for your business in three important ways. By boosting your user’s productivity and better control of expenses, you are driving profitability and increasing your return on investment (ROI). Dynamics NAV also offers interoperability with the other technologies you already use in your business, helping to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). Finally, your business can achieve maximum benefit from your technology investment, resulting in improved time to value.

9. Can be flexibly deployed

With Dynamics NAV, you have the opportunity to choose the deployment method which suits your business the most, whether this is on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination of the two. As your business changes and grows, the deployment model can also be adjusted to keep up with your needs, whatever they are.

10. Up and running in days

The solution can be deployed with a rapid implementation methodology, in order to help make Dynamics NAV fast and simple to deploy. With the system being easy to learn and use, your business need not be completely disrupted and your business can quickly return to normality and begin reaping the benefits of Dynamics NAV.

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