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The performance of the finance team is dependent upon accurate and up-to-date data to generate reports such as ledgers, balance sheets, cash flow analysis and financial statements. These blogs focus on how finance can utilise tools, such as work flow automation, to automate repetitive tasks and the challenges the financial team face in changing economic climates.


In a previous blog we discussed the importance of accurate cash flow management, in this blog our valued partner Orbis Software highlights how credit …


As any business owner or consultant will tell you, cash is king. It’s a recognised saying but what exactly does it mean and how …


Is your ERP software solution up-to-date with the latest changes in payment transaction processing? One of the most recent changes is that as of …


In a survey taken at the RWM exhibition, Prodware discovered that more than 50% of  companies use in excess of 100 spreadsheets on a regular …