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Expense management for better business, designed by people like you | Zetadocs Expenses Blog from Equisys

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Expense management for better business, designed by people like you |  Zetadocs Expenses Blog from Equisys

We’re pleased to share this Zetadocs for NAV blog published by our document and expense management partner Equisys, authored by Greg Cole.

We’re delighted that Zetadocs Expenses is now available for sale in the UK. Zetadocs Expenses has been in preview since January 2016 at selected partner and customer sites, and in daily use internally here through every stage of its development.

Zetadocs Expenses is a cloud service with Android and Apple (iOS) apps for phones and tablets. Users can snap a photo of the receipt when incurring an expense rather than leaving everything to an end of month chore. Expense approval and checking is then cloud-based for managers and the finance team. All popular browsers are supported for desktop users, making it easy for claimants to add explanatory detail for expenses using a full-size screen and keyboard, and for approvers and processors to check for eligibility, coding and full recovery of VAT.

What marks out this new expense management service is that it has been designed explicitly for mid-sized businesses that use Microsoft’s NAV financial software. It’s more powerful and flexible than small business expenses systems, yet simpler to manage and use than established enterprise solutions. Equisys is a mid-sized business itself that uses NAV and we’ve been producing add-ons for NAV for years, so we really understand the expense management needs of NAV partners and other NAV users.

Seamless NAV expense management integration

The service is built on Microsoft Azure, designed to be highly scalable to ensure it’s responsive at all times, and offering reliable access at anytime from anywhere. Its integration with NAV through Zetadocs Capture is class leading, with a low object footprint and without requiring modifications to any standard NAV objects, making it a breeze to implement.

More to come… regularly

As Zetadocs Expenses is a cloud service, we are able to add and improve features regularly, making most enhancements available to users without any need to update anything in NAV.  It’s a new type of hybrid NAV add-on for the Microsoft Dynamics marketplace, with much of the solution sitting up in Azure, ready to go as soon as you are. It’s rapid to deploy and the hybrid approach means that we can make features available for preview to selected users and then roll out those features to all appropriate users, often without needing to change anything in NAV. This means that the ERP functionality for a business need not be frozen for years at a time. That’s particularly important for an area such as expense management where there’s a huge amount of innovation underway to make life easier for finance teams in mid-sized businesses.

Equisys are now working on handling company credit cards better and on producing a North American edition. They have plans to make it easier to recover VAT on car fuel for business travel, too.

Speak to Prodware about how your business can gain control of expenses with expense management solutions integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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