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ebusiness suite | Accommodating your business in an e commerce environment

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ebusiness suite | Accommodating your business in an e commerce environment

As the online community continues to thrive, how can a multi-currency and multi-language e commerce system help your business to grow?

The sales world has taken a dramatic shift over the last ten years, with so many people buying items online, especially as sites like Amazon offer a quick and simple service, including their Buy now with 1-Click step. This has become such a predominant aspect in acquiring new business that businesses in a variety of industries and sectors have decided to invest in an e commerce presence for their company.

Providing the ability to conduct commercial transactions using the internet, enables companies to increase their sales and promote their business on a larger scale.

Tailor your products and their appearance online in a way that not only markets them effectively but is attractive and stands out. Compared to selling in person, your online store has to present the product, what it looks like, what it does and why the consumer should purchase it, all without the ability for them to ask questions about the product. This separates your online and offline presence, allowing your business to sell in two different ways and therefore offers your company the opportunity to make a profit by widening the catchment area and targets.

How can the ebusiness suite help my organisation?

The ebusiness suite by Prodware offers businesses the opportunities to increase their target market by launching them into the e commerce environment. With an e commerce site, you want to be able to effectively manage all of the products available and with Prodware’s software you are able to easily manage the product catalogue.

When the time comes to launch promotions, the ebusiness suite allows users to utilise promotions and other marketing options in order to increase revenue as well as reduce operational costs. The software also provides the ability to feed all customer account information directly from your ERP solution, allowing for complete integration between the front and back office.

With businesses growing into international markets, it has become important for software to incorporate multi-language and multi-currency capabilities. Prodware’s e commerce solution is completely configurable and available in several languages, whilst offering all of the functionality needed for a comprehensive e commerce site.

You want your ecommerce site to look and feel how you want it to, whether this is similar to your website or completely unique. Therefore, we have ensured that the ebusiness suite enables your users to easily manage the appearance and layout of your e commerce site, whilst also being provided the capabilities to manage the online tracking and analytics.

The system enables your users to efficiently organise the product information, including management and administration of product marketing information, management and administration of collections, associated files, characteristics and importing supplier catalogues. Your business can also manage suppliers, prices, stock, outstanding orders, returns as well as customer data, including their shopping baskets and payments.

How can Prodware help your e commerce business?

Prodware has extensive experience in implementing business management software to various companies in different industries. We are able to support you at every stage, including consultancy, development, implementation, support and account management to ensure you are getting the most out of your IT software. Get in touch today to find out more about ebusiness suite and what the solution can do for your business.

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