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Evolving customer demands | Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

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Evolving customer demands | Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

With the launch of Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition today, which includes the business application Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, we’re taking a moment to consider why this app is so crucial to a service organisation.

Customer expectations continue to rise around the number and variety of channels through which to receive service, and the quality of that service.  According to Forrester in their Trends 2016: The Future Of Customer Service report, 84% of consumers prefer to solve issues on our own and use web or mobile self-service to find answers.  However, agents are still central to resolving issues not met by the self-service approach, so agents are receiving a higher proportion of difficult questions and as such need more support in resolving first line response cases quickly; this is borne out by a 12% reported decline in FR since 2009.  If the right tools and support aren’t forthcoming to your service agents this leads to a higher turnover of staff and decrease in customer satisfaction.

Customer choice driving further complexity in service

Behind the scenes, in the pursuit of delivering an engaging customer experience, service teams are coping with emerging technologies and channels being used by the consumer, which can be difficult to connect together for a joined up approach.  On average 2.7 channels are used over the course of a single service enquiry, but 90% of consumers expect consistency across service channels.  Yet only 10% of contact centre professionals identify their organisations as “omni-channel capable”.

So, there is a clear danger in frustrating the expectations of the modern customer (both B2B and B2C) by providing a fragmented client experience.

In industries where your service is often your only differentiator, this is also key when attracting not just retaining customers; in the UK 97% of respondents in the Microsoft 2016 State of Global Customer Service report stated that customer service was “very or somewhat important”.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service can help

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service improves each step of the service experience through five key areas: omni-channel, self-service and communities, agent enablement, knowledge and service intelligence.


Whether it’s a customer who is logging in to their account in a portal, browsing articles in a community forum, posting a tweet whilst on their holiday, using the chat window on their pc or tablet – all these modern scenarios are able to be dealt with in a consistent way by service agents who have been trained and supported using Learning Path and Knowledge Base functionality.

To find out more about this customer service software which is available in Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM, please contact Prodware.

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