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Prodware Power BI gives Finance managers more insight

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Microsoft Power Bi and Jet reports
Microsoft Power Bi and Jet reports

Prodware enables Business Central users with Power BI to access the right financial information to make decisions faster. Power BI has been the tool for some time that gives managers an optimal and fast insight into all the data collected by the company. Power BI is fully hosted in the cloud and connects to any existing cloud service. Connection to local solutions is also possible.

Power BI for Business

Power BI is an analytical solution that is fully focused on the business user who wants to work with data themselves. It works simply and you can work with it quickly. You can access this tool from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Not only you, but the rest of your team can start with Power BI. Because Power BI is cloud-based, you don’t need to install this tool on your employees’ computers, and it also has all Of Microsoft security guarantees. You can work with any type of data, large data, and advanced analytical services based on AI and machine learning.

Optimisation of processes

Microsoft has thus developed a very powerful and intuitive analytics platform that enables you to make important decisions based on the analysis of important data. This makes you more productive as a company, can optimize processes and react flexibly to changes.

Integration with Business Central

The Power BI platform has also been integrated with Business Central. Users do not have to leave the ERP environment to perform analyses. With pre-built packages, you can use a set of dashboards and reports that provide all the data clearly. These reports and dashboards can be installed and retrieved directly from Business Central. Filters allow you to select the financial entries that you need at this moment. This gives you even quicker access to the right information.

Prodware-Power BI

Prodware has taken advantage of Power BI’s capabilities to put together a special package with some financial management extras. This gives you direct access to your company’s most important financial data, which can further accelerate decision-making. Think of reports that focus on financial analysis, such as .B: balance sheets, business situation, solvency, liquidity, short- and long-term liabilities, bonds, availability of bank accounts, asset analysis.

Additional reports and dashboards

Prodware Power BI Business Central contains 5 reports with more than 15 dashboards installed by default and accessible from Business Central. These include the most important KPIs. Because you can compare and group the data in different ways, more than 150 views are possible.

If you would like to learn more about the power BI financial analysis platform and the possibilities Prodware offers, please click here to contact us.

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